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Numbers 31 pt. 1. There is a People who wants to Destroy Us. Saturday, June 6, 2020.

June 11th, 2020

People who love God identify and zealously
Protest and fight against injustice with shrewd discernment to uphold the Holiness of Yahweh/God.🤔
We have an enemy that's determined to destroy us, and we help him!🙄
Our enemy uses
.1. False grace.
2. Lawless Evangelicalism
3.Balaamite activism.
4. Rejection of His unparalleled laws.
If we don't reject our enemy's mingling with us they will overtake us and become our tyrannical overlords, and shut down our speach and eventually dismantle our families and destroy any chance of us ever becoming a powerful righteous nation!
We will be damned.
Yahweh/God will make it happen.
I sware this by everything Holy!
Woe be to us and our children.
What is the doctrine of Balaam, and how does it curse God?

Pastor Timothy Merritt, Teacher

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