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Numbers 29. Are These The Last Days? Saturday, March 14, 2020.

March 17th, 2020

People are calling these the "last days" because of the classification of the corona virus as "pandemic," "emergency,"and crisis".

However, when other countries have typhoons, plagues or war and it doesn't affect the U.S. the same news prophets don't spread the same fear and non-stop warnings.


I sincerely will not believe that the end of the world will take place before America and our so-called Christian brothers who participated in, and are current beneficiaries of
the institutional slavery practiced here are judged by Yahweh/God,

for the murder, rape, mutilation, medical experiments, unlawful incarcerations, theft of property, erased history,denying of person-hood, injections of plutonium and other radiation exposure, and so much more to millions of her captured black people from the kingdom of Juda, Niger, and other parts of Africa.

Why? psalm 9:17 says all nations will be judged!

What are we to do? We are to make sure that we are undefiled before God and are exercising righteous judgement so that we can spread His kingdom justice throughout the world now, and not sit around in panic waiting for a rapture to relieve us from our responsibility.

Lets examine: Numbers 29 and see the pattern that we are to follow with our King and how we are to be prepared to serve and lead instead........ of following the fear of death of those who will not fear the eternal virus of rebellion and antipathy of those who mock the Holy Scriptures, and our God.

Pastor Timothy Merritt, Teacher

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