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Lessons From the Second Epistle to the Corinthians: The Promise of a New Life

April 21st, 2011

The Gospel of God promises a new life but what does that mean. Does the new life begin when we are resurrected? Is there a promise of a new life now? Listen and learn what the word of God reveals about the new life that God provides.

II Corinthians 3 Let Your Light So Shine Before Men

March 20th, 2011

Verse by verse bible study in the II Epistle to the Corinthians. Our lives are epistles or letters lived out before men.  What does your life say to others? Are you conveying Christ or self?

II Corinthians 13

September 6th, 2008

These are Paul's last written words to the people at Corinth. He end's this letter with an exhortation and a call to holy living.

Deuteronomy 4 God’s Purpose for Israel

September 6th, 2008

God had a purpose for chosing Israel. That purpose was for Israel to show God's glory to the other nations. God has a purpose for us as well. Are we displaying God's glory to others to fulfill that purpose? Learn from Moses instructions to Israel on how to effectively fulfill God's purpose.

II Corinthians 12

September 6th, 2008

Verse by verse walk through Paul's second letter to the Corinthian church. Learn why Paul suffered so many things in the ministry Christ gave him and how he felt about it. Learn how to keep a right perspective when you suffer for righteousness sake.

II Corinthians 11 The Folly of Following False Apostles, Preachers, and Prophets

August 28th, 2008

Paul contended with those who called themselves apostles but they really were not. He was afraid for the people who had turned away from the truth that he spoke and turned to those self proclaimed apostles who were robbing them, mistreating them, and smiting them. We find this common denominator today when those who speak the truth of the gospel are held in disrepute by "itchy earred" christians who have been deceived by the false prophets of today. Check your bishop, pastor, prophet, apostle, preacher, superintendent, evangelist, reverend, and yourselves by this 11th chapter of II Corinthians.

II Corinthians 10 How to Argue Gods Word

August 21st, 2008

There are various world views and philosophies in the world today. Each one makes a "truth" claim. If you are a a bible believing Christian, how do you argue the case for God? How do you present the true word of God to those that oppose it? This chapter will give an example of good Godly arguments for God.

II Corinthians 9 Everyone will not be rich, Saints should share

August 10th, 2008

Verse by verse bible study on Pauls epistle to the Corinthians concerning offerings. Learn what the New Testament church did concerning tithes and offerings. Who were they for? Who gave them and why? What blessings were promised for giving? See if your church stands up to par with the pattern of giving in Paul's day.

II Corinthians 8 The Purpose of Being Rich and Blessed

August 10th, 2008

Do you know why God causes us to prosper? Find out the purpose of being rich and blessed according to God's word.

II Corinthians 6 Don’t Receive the Grace of God In Vain

July 30th, 2008

Verse by verse bible study on this 6th chapter of II Corinthians. Paul addresses the Corinthian believers about how they are to conduct their lives as believers. Here Paul states some rules of the new covenant concerning worship. Find out why it is important to worship God with your body.

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